CheckPoint 360°™ Report Descriptions and Samples: 

Individual Feedback Report:  This is the primary report given to the leader participant.  It is a 35 page report and shows the leader an Executive Summary, a Critical Skills Alignment Summary between leader and their manager/Boss, and an analysis of 70 different areas of leadership and where they land relative to the 'Favorable Zone' - less than, in range or exceeding. It also shows a respondent group comparison of ratings for the 18 different leadership skill areas. It concludes with an individual development guide for helping the leader participant create their development plan and areas of focus based on the assessment results. It uses the K-S-S model: K - Keep doing, S - Stop Doing, S- Start Doing.To see a sample of this report, Click Here   

Management Report: This report is designed for the leaders supervisor, manager or boss. It is 37-page summary for the boss to understand the leaders results in the 70 areas of leadership, 18 skill areas and 8 core competencies.  It concludes with a Coaching and Management Considerations Section to make recommendations and areas of focus on how Management can how best work with and coach the leader to achieve any identified and recommended areas of leadership development.   It also uses the K-S-S model: K - Keep doing, S - Stop Doing, S- Start Doing.  To see a sample of this report, Click Here

Executive Overview Report:  This report is designed for the C-suite and is usually a roll-up of all recent leaders who have been assessed, their bosses ratings and group ratings.  It discusses three (3) key strategic areas, including:  Leadership Team Alignment between leaders and their managers, (2) Organizational Competency Development Summary relative to ratings of each leader in the 8 leadership skills areas, and (3) an Organizational Skill Set Development Summary and the percentage of managers that fall below the Favorable Zone in each of the 8 leadership skills areas.  To see a sample of this report, Click Here 

Comparison Report:  This report is a snapshot comparison taken after some months of the leader implementing their development plan and focusing on areas for improvement.  This report shows where the gaps have been closed and the leadership competency development progress that has been made.  It shows the first and second CheckPoint 360 results in a side-by-side summary comparison and provides a detailed discussion. It concludes with an Individual Development Guide with a set of Areas of Focus for the leader to continue working on in their development. To see a sample of this report, Click Here 

Management Comparison Report:  This report is a discussion to management with a summary comparison for a leader participant and their respondent group raters. It compares two sets of summaries for the leader and their rater respondents.  This summary shows differential increases and decreases made between assessments.  The report summarizes with a set of Coaching and Management Considerations for the boss in working with their leader subject. To see a sample of this report, Click Here 


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