Recruitment and Selection with the PXT Select™

Hiring for an important role(s) in your organization?  A bad hire can be very costly. Do it right with the PXT Select™ assessment and series of reports designed to assist you with an objective and intelligent selection process as well as improved employee engagement after the hire.

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PXT Selection Cycle and Process

The PXT Select™ assists hiring managers and HR professionals with a proven life cycle process for planning, assessing, choosing and engaging the employee, as follows:


Planning:  The PXT Select has a library of dozens of performance models available to you for a broad range of organizational role types. To see the list of available performance models by role type Click Here.  If your position or role is not on the list, no problem, we can help you create one that maps to your ideal traits for the role. 

Assessment:  Analyzes your candidate’s verbal and math reasoning skills against the performance model you select for the position.  The assessment takes about 60 minutes. 

Choosing:  The Comprehensive Selection Report details the candidate scores on your performance model benchmark ranges and then gives you an overall job fit score.  It also provides Interview Questions based on the Candidate’s Fit to the Performance Model. 

Engagement: Once onboard, use the  PXT Select development reports for employee engagement to help managers better onboard and coach their talent and new hires.    



View the PXT Select Report Descriptions and Samples:  Click Here


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