PXT Select™ Assessment Origination Process

When you place your first order, we will set up a PAC Client Site Account for you on the PXT Select assessment platform (PAC) at no charge and we also provide a complimentary 1-hour Admin Account Training Session via Zoom or MS-Teams on the use of the PAC assessment site. 

We will also assist you ‘step-by-step’ with selecting your Performance Model for the first assessment, scheduling and originating the assessment with your candidate(s) and showing you how to generate the reports after the assessments have been completed. For ongoing support, we request that you give us a 'Grant' from your PAC account so we can support you as needed from time to time with assessment set up, reports and/or issue resolution.  To schedule a demo tour of PAC or to discuss your hiring and selection needs further, Click Here

PXT Select™ Assessment Ordering

With the PXT Select, you order ‘by the assessment’ and then can generate any of the PXT Select reports with that completed assessment.

The currency used in the PAC account are referred to as 'meters'. Each assessment costs one meter. So, for example, if you have five (5) candidates to assess, you would order five (5) PXT Select meters. Each meter is good for one assessment for one candidate. 

For your initial order with us, please order the FREE PAC Client Site Account Setup and also the amount of meters you need for your hiring and selection project.  For subsequent orders, you will only need to order the amount of meters you need based on the amount of candidates you need to assess. We will transfer your meters into your PAC account within 60-90 minutes during business hours.  If you also have an EPIC sub-account with us, PXT Select meters are similar to 'EPIC credits' and so is our transfer process after the order is placed.

Please use the links below to order your PAC Client Site Account (first order only) and the PXT Select Meters you need for your candidate assessments.  You will see volume discounts for meters automatically calculated in the shopping cart at checkout, based on the quantity of meters you are ordering.   Please contact us with any questions.  




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