Leadership Development with the CheckPoint 360°™ 

Assess and develop high-performing leaders with the CheckPoint 360° from Wiley.  The CP360 is a true 360-style assessment that gathers feedback from the leader, direct reports, peers, supervisors and customers.  Results and recommendations are displayed in 8 core leadership competency areas and 18 leadership skillset areas.   

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CheckPoint 360 Cycle and Process: 

The CheckPoint 360™ assists managers, HR professionals and organizations with a proven life cycle process for planning, assessing, choosing and engaging the employee, as follows:


Planning:  Decide who your respondents will be for your leader participant.  Think of their direct reports, peers, supervisor(s) and customers (internal and external).  Then use the PAC assessment site to schedule and deliver your assessment invites.  

Assessment:  Respondents take an an online assessment that analyzes the participant's leadership traits and strengths in 8 key areas of leadership and 18 best practice skill areas. The assessment takes about 30 minutes for the leader and 15 minutes for each of the respondent raters.   

Choosing:  A range of CheckPoint 360 reports can be generated from the resulting assessment completion for the leader participants.  Choose the report(s) that aligns with the development objectives for the leader participant.  

Engagement: The reports offer the ability for the leader to apply the recommendations to improve their leadership skills and performance.   


View the CheckPoint 360° Report Descriptions and Samples:  Click Here


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