Learn Your Emotional Intelligence With Agile EQ!


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is having the ability and skill to read the interpersonal needs of a situation and respond most appropriately for the best outcome. The Everything DiSC Agile EQ helps you gain the important insights necessary to help you develop your EQ 'agility' skills to have better outcomes to a broad range of situations in team environments and organizational settings. 

The Agile EQ will help you understand your natural Emotional Intelligence (EQ) mindsets associated with your DiSC style, the mindset areas that don't come as natural to you and the skills needed to stretch beyond your comfort zone into other mindsets when appropriate to the situation. You will also learn specific strategies for how to develop each of the 8 Agile EQ mindsets including the ones that might be the biggest stretch areas for you. Learning and developing these 8 EQ mindset areas will give you the EQ skills agility necessary to more effectively read a broad range of situation types and then respond using the most appropriate mindset for the best outcomes possible.    

The 8 Agile EQ Mindsets: 

Developing strong emotional intelligence agility can help you recognize and respond to situations more appropriately for greater effectiveness in your organizational interactions. This report can help anyone at any level of the organization. It is a good starting point for developing more effective interpersonal skills. It is also an excellent next step if you or your team has already taken another profile such as the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and you now want to keep the momentum going with DiSC and new emotional intelligence skills development. 

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